To create a global community to which people from every walk of life and from every culture, religion and nationality can come and share their wisdom and aspiration for a peaceful world.


House for All seeks to enhance the peace education of the Tanimoto Peace Foundation (TPF). Through an after-school program, House For All (HFA) provides elementary-school-age children with tools to live peacefully in this complex world.


Unconditional love and acceptance




Unity and diversity

Flexibility and the ability to change

Teaching objectives

Physical, social, spiritual and intellectual growth as a whole person

Developing their own unique identity

Working for a peaceful world where differences become opportunities to expand their horizons

Enhancing their family life

Celebrating diversity and building community with people from various backgrounds

Developing creative thinking skills and gaining courage to express their own thoughts with confidence


Reassuring in a safe, loving environment

Open and welcoming

Clear, healthy boundary setting

Being responsive with accountability