TPF Activities

French Students visiting Hiroshima

2 French students came in July 2019 and visited Hiroshima and its surroundings thanks to the Tanimoto Peace Foundation

Peace talks with Koko Kondo

Koko took Julie and Nathan to the Shukkeiein garden in Hiroshima and explained to them as well as Spanish young visitors her story as a "Hibakusha" and her connection to John Hersey and his book "Hiroshima"

History and Spirituality

The Tanimoto Peace Foundation took Julie and Nathan around Hiroshima.

They visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial as well as other places in Hiroshima. They also visited Miyajima, Tsuwano (a magical and spiritual city in Shimane prefecture). They learnt about the beginning of the Meiji era in Hagi (Yamaguchi prefecture) where they could test the famous Hagi pottery.

Finally they entered the depth of the earth in the Akiyoshido cave (Yamaguchi prefecture).

This initiatory journey allowed them to look deeper into themselves.

Back to nature

Julie and Nathan enjoyed working on a farm in Yanai (Yamaguchi).

It allowed them as well to rethink our connection to nature and the importance of the soil, food and water.