Our story

Reverend Kiyoshi Tanimoto, born in Hiroshima in 1909, acted for peace throughout his life. Now, his family and friends would like to perpetuate his heritage through the Tanimoto Peace Foundation.

Kiyoshi Tanimoto’s actions in the aftermath of the atomic bombing were depicted in the bestselling book, Hiroshima, by John Hersey. Through his tragic experience, Reverend Tanimoto dedicated his life to supporting the survivors of the bombing in Hiroshima. He went to the United States several times to raise funds, and along with Norman Cousins, promoted the Hiroshima Peace Center, the reconstructive surgery project for the Hiroshima Maidens and the Moral Adoption project for Hiroshima’s orphans.

KOko’S story

Kiyoshi Tanimoto’s daughter, Koko, who was eight months old when the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima, also has been tirelessly promoting peace around the world.

Our Four Pillars

A pillar is a strong vertical column that supports a building or a temple. 

The four pillars of the Tanimoto Peace Foundation support the
Temple of Peace that we would like to build together.
Those pillars are: History, Education, Art, Spirituality

peace through History

To examine what happened in Japan’s past, related to war and peace and how it affects our society today.


To study approaches to peace education and activism in the world, focusing on Japan, especially Hiroshima.


To consider how art has always produced expressions of peace and how it is a medium to reach deeper truth.

PEACE THROUGH Spirituality

To look deeper within oneself to find inner peace.

Our Vision

To nurture peace globally and individually through our four pillars.

The TPF long-term goal is to build a physical Peace Center unifying our four pillars. The Peace Center will host peace art exhibits and performances, history symposia as well as peace education and spiritual activities.

our mission

To invite university students to come to Hiroshima to study about what happened in Hiroshima, through our four pillars.

To promote exchanges with the general public on topics dealing with our four pillars.

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