Board of Directors

Koko Kondo

President of the Board of the Tanimoto Peace Foundation 

My name is Koko Kondo, daughter of Reverend Kiyoshi Tanimoto. I have spent my life trying to promote Peace around the World through speeches and benevolent actions.

As international tensions are increasing and war is gaining ground around the World, I thought it was time to take additional steps and be part of the Tanimoto Peace foundation to remind the World the atrocities of War as well as what ordinary people could achieve to help us take actions in favor of Peace. And Education is definitely one of the Keys to getting closer to a pacific World.

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Shaw Fujii

What I do :

Japan International Cooperation (JICA) Lecturer

“Introduction of Japan”&”Hiroshima’s Recovery”

Board member of Japan Korea Friendship Association(450 members)

Vice Chairperson of Honkawa Hospitality Group (20 members)

Advisor of Hiroshima Interpreters and Guide Association (240 members)

Advisor of Hiroshima UNESCO Association (100 members)

Hirotaka Takaki

Hirotaka Takaki is a board member of the Tanimoto Peace Foundation. Takaki Sensei is a Judicial Scrivener and supports TPF in all legal aspects and procedures.

Takaki Sensei was born and raised in Hiroshima. Doing so, he had many opportunities to think of peace as a child since education at Primary and Secondary levels are very active vis-à-vis Peace Education.

However, in his adult life, Takaki Sensei did not have much opportunity to think of Peace. That is why he is happy to support the Tanimoto Peace Foundation promote Peace through Art and other activities.

Akiko Hizaki

Akiko Hizaki is a tax accountant and is an auditor at the Tanimoto Peace Foundation. . Akiko is a second generation A-bomb survivor since her mother was in the womb when the bomb was dropped.

Akiko’s mother and herself were born with a part of their body missing but they live a healthy life in Hiroshima.

Akiko would like to convey the importance of peace to future generations. Many people, including part of her family, lost their lives during the war. Akiko does not want it to happen again.

Honorary Members

Ken Tanimoto

My Name is Ken Tanimoto, son of Kiyoshi Tanimoto. I was born in 1947, so I do not have direct experience of the bomb but I could see as child the energy and commitment of my father in order to help make the World a more peaceful place.

Doing so I decided it was time to act and bring my stone to Peace building, by becoming a member of the Tanimoto Peace foundation.

Keizo Makino

Coming Soon

Kazuo Nobuke

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