Internship Scholarship

Beginning in 2021, we will offer scholarships to three university students to come to Hiroshima to study about peace through our four pillars.


Beginning at the end of 2020, we will organize workshops dealing with our four pillars.

Collaborations with organizations working for peace

We will work with other organizations in the Hiroshima area working in all kinds of fields related to peace, including inner peace.

House For All


House for All seeks to enhance the peace education of the TPF. Through an after-school program, HFA provides elementary-school-age children with tools to live well in this complex world.

Our goal is to nurture the children to develop their own unique self-identity in a loving community while they are growing in self-esteem, interdependence, open-mindedness, creativity, and resourcefulness. 

HFA provides learning centers with various fun activities the children can choose, such as dramatic play, arts and crafts, puzzles, stories/reading, etc. We also offer innovative programs that give the children opportunities to meet and develop relationships with people from various backgrounds: people from abroad and from the local community, people with special needs, professionals, artists, the elderly, etc. 

The children are also inspired to learn life skills, including speaking English, embracing diversity, developing leadership, working as a team, managing conflict, and even housecleaning! 

Our hope is that our children will grow as bridge builders and peacemakers in this divisive world!